Our Services

Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Repairing and Maintenance of


Fire fighting pumps (UL and non UL listed)
End Suction Centrifugal pump
Horizontal split case pumps
Vertical turbine pumps
Vertical multi stage centrifugal jockey pumps
Regenerative turbine jockey pumps
Fire hydrants(all types)
All types of valves
CPVC Pipe and Steel Pipe Fittings
Sprinkler Systems
Kitchen Hood Fire Systems
Deluge valve systems and water mist systems
FM 200 fire suppression system
Foam system
Carbon dioxide system
Gas detection system
Wet chemical suppression system
Fire alarm system (both conventional and addressable)
Emergency lighting system

All types of fire extinguishers
 Co2, dry chemical powder, foam, water, wet chemical and FM 200 Dry & Wet standpipe systems


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