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 Our goals:

        Implementation of the highest levels of fire safety programs, so that guarantee the security of the institution or facility of all the risks of fires and the like.

Our vision:

        Be one of the pioneers to invent better solutions to outstanding creative and effective in fighting fires and insurance risk individuals within the highest levels of moral commitment. 

Our Mission:

        Permanent and continuous work to achieve the highest levels of security that will satisfy the customer with the effort to produce high levels of the highest fire-fighting systems, with the continuity of the permanent support and achieve quality.


        A keen, to provide our customers with products and first class service, commensurate with the latest security technology. This is the primary responsibility according to the policy of Total Quality, which affirms our.


        Provide all the services of fire fighting, including construction engineering, supply, installation and maintenance supplies fire fighting, maintenance of fire pumps, maintenance of alarm systems, maintenance and mobilization of fire extinguishers, in accordance with the assets and the required specifications of Civil Defense, addendum to the willingness of the institution to perform the installation and maintenance of the plants.

Our Features: 

Specialized technical staff with long experience in the areas of fire fighting and safety systems.





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